suicide vs ess dee

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suicide vs ess dee

Post  mr suicide on Sun Oct 05, 2008 7:55 pm

aite sadman .. there ya go son .. post ur verse up.. peace

Es dee still think u can come at me? Ima Real G at ur funeral ill fuck ur mom as the coolest attendee
I'll out do u, smash u and kill u. When I come for u, u need a whole security crew
Me destroying you is long over due, People know ima real man but what about you
I got the agility of 6 Jet Lees, I fight like a beast, Ill knock ur face in, giving u Alzheimer's Disease
U rap at my level? Bitch please! I Be fruitful, I fuck and make more than the Chinese
Lemme fill u in with my skills, im hotter than the Florida Keys, fucked ur mom... that bitch a sleaze
I will take u out without a sound, U will be the real sandman when I bury u 6 feet underground
Put my dick in ur mom's mouth make it slosh around, Im the king... undisputed and crowned.
ur a sad excuse for a rapper, ur destiny is being a Mcdonald's sandwich wrapper. Stay down Son.
U look like u got the swagger of a dick gagger, stay back in the closet before I cut u with a dagger

Jet Lee- Martial Artist
Florida Keys-Land around Florida; Hot and Humid area.
Alzheimer Disease: brain disease: symptoms of forgetfulness!!!
mr suicide

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Re: suicide vs ess dee

Post  bUlLeT'iN on Sun Oct 05, 2008 9:50 pm

en I clap at that, u'll finda thumb up nikka

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